Ready for coaching?

To be coached, you have to want it.

I help and support coachees but they will make the change(s) in their lives. I provide tools and techniques, especially to keep a high level of motivation, but the coachees are in charge of whatever their goals are: getting up earlier, being on time, exercising daily, meditating, writing a book, making more money, cleaning their house …

You may not feel great when you start a coaching, but you must have a real desire for change.

Hiring a coach is a personal decision. Having the support of loved ones can of course lead to quicker results, but starting a coaching process only to please one’s spouse or children is unlikely to succeed.

To be coached, you must accept help.

Coaching is a collaboration not a struggle. Letting go is the key to success, so just allow the coach to help you achieve your goals and you will thrive. If your skills and your energy meet the ones of the coach, nothing will stop you.

If you have a deep desire for change,
If you are struggling alone
If you allow yourself a little help
If you are determined to invest in yourself

You are ready to be coached!

Special Needs

You have a hoarding disorder
Your living space is cluttered with things you have been accumulating for months or years. You are determined to get your space back but can not find the courage and don’t know where to start.
It’s much more common than you think, and it’s much easier than you think to get it done!
I can help you with my Declutter Your Living Space program.

Please contact me to explain your situation.

You suffer from depression or addictions
Being coached can help you only if you already have a medical treatment adapted to your condition. Coaching can be a very effective complement as it will help you find resources to focus on something positive, to set up new habits, to keep your motivation and to celebrate every little progress.

You have suicidal tendencies
Coaching is not for you yet.
Please contact as soon as possible one of the 24/7 suicide hotlines. There are many of them in France, and everywhere else :

SOS Friendships (SOS amitiés): +33 9 72 39 40 50
Suicide Listen (Suicide Ecoute): +33 1 45 39 40 00
SOS Suicide Phoenix: +33 1 40 44 46 45

Feel free to send me an email via the contact form, I will be happy to answer any question you might have.