Working Together

Before anything I suggest a discovery session.

It will give us a chance to talk about your current situation, your expectations regarding coaching and I will answer all your questions about how I work.

The cost of the discovery session will be deducted from any package you may purchase.

Then there is no rigid framework but nonetheless here are the essentiel steps:

  • STEP 1 : choosing a goal

Naming what you want or what you do not want any more is the starting point:

  • Tired of procrastinating, never being on time, never finishing what you started? 
  • Want to stop feeling guilty for nothing, sabotaging yourself, being overwhelmed by family life or work?
  • Wish your were making more money, you had more clients, could hire someone…
  • Hope for better relationships, more time for fun and friends…
  • Need to wake up fresh, be in a constant mood and feel confident?
  • Feel the urge to regain control over your phone or enjoy screen-free weekends…

It might take a couple of sessions to clarify your goal since it has to be challenging and yet reachable. We’re aiming success not frustration! And above all, this goal should make you happy just thinking about it. A meaninful heart-centered goal is the key to success.

Whatever your goal might be, we will start by improving your self-confidence and reviewing your time and priority management.

  • STEP 2: Tackling Habits

We are habits. Whenever we decide to change something in our lives we have to tackle habits. The thought of ​​changing habits is often scary but the good news is : we can if we really want to.

I help my clients identifing and then getting rid of “bad habits” which undermine their daily lives and prevent them from achieving their goals and living the life they aspire to. I provide coachees with small exercises and I give them tools to help them gradually set up habits in alignment with their objectives.

The whole point of my coaching is to help you be more aligned with your true self.

Here are some coaches I feel close to. They are enthusiastic, focused on concrete solutions and sustainable well-being and have a joyful vision of coaching.

Jen is a mood booster and a self-confidence lifter, she really awakens the badass within you! I recommend listening to the audio version of both books read by Jen, she’s hilarious!

Steve’s book explains his vision of personal development based on the principles of Truth, Love and Power. He also provides practical applications to live consciously! If you are interested in the concept of abundance, you could experience his 30-Day Deep Abundance Integration Program. I loved it!

Rhonda helps people figure out what theirs fears are and how to fight them or live with them. She has written a lot on the subject, including books Fearless Loving and Fearless Living. 

Her podcasts are great, I especially love her Master Coach Mindset series.