Here are some of the frequently asked questions about life coaching and the way I work:

• How can I be sure it will work?
You can be sure that it will work by commiting yourself to success and trusting the coach.
The most difficult part is to make the decision to change something in your life and accept that you need help. Once you’re clear on that and ready to step up, it’ll be quite easy. I’ll be your accountability partner and it won’t take long until you feel the positive energy taking over your body and mind and start noticing tangible progress.

• Life Coaching is pricy, is it worth it?
That’s a good question, only you can answer it. Do you think it’s a good idea to invest in yourself, and in a sustainable well-being? Do you think you deserve it? How much money are you willing to spend on improving your life?  Even if you are struggling financially you might want to give this a thought. Just be aware that when you start feeling better and growing, it will benefit every aspect of your life and everyone around you.

• Why is your biggest package only 15 hours?
Because coaching is not a therapy where we will go through every little detail of your childhood nor scan just about any frustration you’ve had so far. Though I will help you identify some blockings and limiting thoughts, the concept of my coaching is to move on by taking actions. I’ll focus on improving your future life and encourage  you let go off the past.
At the end of each program the coachee and I have a long debrief talk. If they express the need to continue to be accompanied to consolidate their bases or to reach a new goal, they can start a new cycle of sessions .

• What if I achieve the goal before the end of the package I have bought?
Well, it means that we are a great team ! Not only have you adopted the necessary mindset for change but you have also found the key to success! Coaching will then take another dimension, that of expansion and coachees will be able to aim for new goals they did not dare reaching for before.

• I would like to offer someone a session, is it possible?
Yes, of course. However, make sure that the person you wish to offer this session to is open to the idea of ​​being coached. (see page Ready for life coaching?).
You can send me a message via the contact form to explain me who this gift is for.
The gift session will be billed to the person who purchases it, so it will not be deductible from the five or ten session package the recipient coachee might decide to buy later.

• Can you coach my child?
No. I only work with adults.

. Do you coach groups?                                                                                                             No, I only coach 1 on 1.

• Do you use NLP?
No, I don’t.