My life journey

My name is Karine Galland, as a life coach I’ll be happy to help you and support you in your personal and/or professional growth path.

After graduating from highschool in 1989, I spent a few months in the United States where I discovered  the “DREAM BIG , WORK HARD ” mentality which was a real epiphany. I had always been a dreamer with a true passion for meeting people, learning new things and travelling. From this moment on I decided to always follow my dreams and make them come true.

After studying theater and cinema in Normandy and Paris, I wrote and produced 2 documentaries. Then my priorities shifted as family life took over. I moved into a house in the Corsican mountains (the most beautiful middle of nowhere for a urban girl like me). I became a stay-home mom, then a working mom, struggling to find balance between love and money. Fortunately, my great adaptability to just about any environment allowed me to jump and seize all meaningful opportunities. So I worked for publishers, set up my own video production company, gave acting classes to autistic and psychotic kids, taught script-writing at the local university, imported jewels from China, worked as a receptionist, a non profit CEO’s assistant… I know, it sounds kind of chaotic but somehow it made sense to me since I was following my heart.


All through that professional journey, I developed resources to adapt smoothly to various coworkers and work procedures and anywhere I went, I kept helping and cheering people around me. It’s just who I am, I love solving problems, encouraging creativity and autonomy. One fabulous day, I discovered that this tireless mood booster ability was actually a job that I could get paid for ! It finally all made sense so I chose that path, for good. I studied coaching techniques, read tons of personal development books and underwent coaching myself in order to make a real job out of my natural talents for coaching.

And it works! I feel more aligned than ever now that my time is dedicated to help people achieve their goals. I coach one on one in France and anywhere in the world thanks to digital coaching.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions, or want to share your story with me.