What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a sustainable form of self-care.

A life coach helps and supports people with a genuine desire to achieve a personal or professional goal. Life coaching is way more than just moral support. First, it helps identify all the tiny details that prevent coachees from moving forward. Then coachees and their coach set up a plan to gradually establish new habits more aligned with the objective. Finally the coach makes sure coachees stick to their plan.

Coaching is about concrete actions : lightening up your life quickly by focusing on solutions

Life coaches suggest actions steps that seems appropriate to the coachee’s goal but it is all up to the coachee to apply them. A life coach listens, asks questions, cheers and supports but never judges nor impose any personal opinions regarding life-style or business management.

Coaching is often part of a more global approach of personal development but it is not necessary to have studied all great mentors of well-being to get started. A genuine desire to reach a goal and full trust in your coach is all you need to succeed.

If you feel the need to upgrage your life and are willing to invest in yourself, hring a coach is the shortest way to success.

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