Thanks a lot to my former clients for these testimonials!

“Thank you Karine, I really really appreciate you. I’m going to try to see if I can do this on my own:)) thank you again!!” Shonty

“Consistent check ins, quick responses, helpful advice! Thank you for your help during this 4 months process, you were a great support!” Karthik

“Karine is a good coach. She helped me find a new great job. She helped me find peace when in a bad mood and thanks to her I feel more comfortable and stronger. Karine helped me focusing on self-improvement every day. She gave great advice for my job and my life. Thanks Karine for everything!” Geoffroy, 30.

“After a long period of time without a job, and no social life, I had lost self-confidence, I thought I would never get my life together again. I was lucky to meet Karine with whom I could talk, but most of all get clarity on my problems. She is a great listener, she’s genuine and never judges you. I was able to ask myself the real questions, analyse my situation, and we came up with a true lifesaving plan. She gave great advice, and helped me all along the way to get out of this tunnel I was in. I desperately needed help, and most of all, I needed a “stranger” to push me a little. Thanks to her patience and her help, I got my life back on tracks, I now feel strong, ready to deal with new challenges, but most of all, I know that I can have a better future. Thanks Karine.” Hannah, 51.

“Karine suggested a book for me to read, it’s been an epiphany! It was just what I needed to keep on progressing on my spiritual and emotional journey. I feel so pumped up, I learned so much… about me! My future just changed, and so my mindset, and it couldn’t be a better timing! A real transformation! With all my gratitude.” Gérard, 54.

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“I am a full time working mother of two, rather messy, and I felt overwhelmed after a house makeover. I thought coaching could be helpful to rearrange my closets.

Well, it helped, A LOT! Karine has been by my side every single day to make it happen : positives messages, support, tiny clever advice to sort out things, easily achievable goals like one drawer a day. My house has “regained a human face” in no time at all.

To be honest, I was so proud of myself I kept sending before/after pictures.

Thanks for your support, and your constant kindness. Every little bit helps.” Marie-Noëlle, 40.

“Karine is a great listener. Her good advice helped me reconsider my problems and I gained serenity. I am deeply grateful to her!” Saida, 48.

“Karine is a caring coach who found words and key actions to help me with my professional goal on a daily basis. Thanks to her, I overcame some fears and I now feel ready to face life with a new energy.” Magalie, 44.

“Thanks to Karine’s coaching, I was able to form new habits, and I am now more open to others, I can reach out and communicate more easily.” Vannina, 48.