Emotional Intelligence and Creativity coaching

  3 months to be

  • more intuitive  
  • More in-tune with your coworkers and clients
  • Creative in any situation
  • Able to reconcile your personal values and professional ambitions

Developping simultaneously your emotional intelligence and your creativity will allow you to adapt and adjust to changes and to use your creativity to implement solutions. It will also enhance your ablity to make conscious decisions and motivate people to achieve great work.


My coaching

Before anything, I listen carefully and ask questions to understand how you and your organisation work, where you are at and what your objectives are. I have worked for public, private and non profit companies, in very different fields such as social economy, tourism, communication, importations… Hence, I have the ability to quickly identify points for consideration. I am also able to embrace many facets of a company’s needs since I’ve been alternatively an entrepreneur and an employee all my life.

Each coaching is tailored to the leader’s own specific demands but managing stress, clarifying goals and implementing a sustainable business philosophy are often needed more than anything else.

  • Stress Management

A leader has to deal with lots of uncertainties and responsabilities on a daily basis. Stress can be stimulating to a certain extend but it can also damage one’s personal and profesionnal life. Leaders can not afford to be overwhelemed.

I can help you identify negative stressors and form healthy habits to beat them. For instance, I have helped many people fight sleep deprivation and overuse of screens, two of the most devastating issues of today’s world.

  • Goals Awareness

Gaining clarity about your objectives will save you time and will allow you to focus only on what is really important to you. I can help you reduce useless draining multi-tasking by defining priorities, I will be then easier for you to stay the course, no matter what happens.

  • Sustainable business philosophy

What will your company look like in 5, 10, 20 years? What kind of environment do you want to work in? What impact do you wish to have on your employees, clients, community, country?

Are your core values aligned with your business processes? Is your personal life compatible with your leadership position? Do you have tools, datas and resources to undertake your ideal course of action?

My coaching will help you define or redefine a guideline to lead in your unique way. It will improve your lifestyle, your staff’s performances, your partners’ trust and clients’ satisfaction.

Working together

A first dicovery session will allow us to define your coaching needs, from a intensive temporary help to a longer-term accompaniment .

Sessions can last from 1h to 3h. They must take place on a regular basis, with a maximum of 2 weeks in between sessions. I can come to your company’s office or you can come to mine in Nîmes, I can also arrange Skype sessions to accomodate you.

Coaching requires a high level of commitment from the coachee. It is an investment in your business and your leadership. You will have to dedicate some time outside of sessions to think about it, build new habits, test tools and implement solutions…


Why leaders have a coach

Because it’s lonely at the top. Regardless of the size of the company or organisation, leaders must appear strong and self-confident while making dozen of decisions each day. People around them can rarely give the objective point of view needed in difficult times. A coach is fully commited to help gain clarity and implement efficient solutions.

Making decisions aligned with your vision and your values is crucial to your company’s longevity, to the coherence of inner processes, to the message you are sending to your team, your partners and your clients. Confidence inspires confidence.

Serenity means efficiency

When is a business leader serene? When bills are paid, when business is profitable, when staff members are giving their best and clients are satisfied, when they find time for themselves… As counter-intuitive as it may sound, these things won’t happen unless the leader is serene. Serenity is actually a cause, not a consequence.

A serene leader will have a realistic vision of their current situation and will be able to make relevant decisions for the future.


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